About Palm Reading & Astrology

The union of happening of astronomical incidents in all stars planets, in an asterism, in the atmosphere (sun, air, water, earth), combining with specific studies of nature and life gives us Astrology.

The planets are regarded as basic life forces, where it not only provides tools for our survival, but also forms as the bases of our very substance. The planetary forces take on different forms, depending on their zodiacal position, and their relative relationships.

The position of an asterism, zodiac sign, planets and other existing elements have very important impacts on the overall existance. After studying the internal lustre properly and the relativity of outside forces, I've learned that ocean science is capable of predicting similar results to that from traditional Vedic practices.

All methods of prediction can be compared to major highways. All the major highways will lead you to a capital city, where everything is available. Just approach the subjects of palm reading and astrology with an innocent heart and an open mind. When you do so, the channels within you will open up, and like a major highway, it'll lead the way to where everything is possible.

The lines on your palms are completely unique to you and are the true expressions of your overall self. Containing details about your personality and your past, present, future.